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I don't feel bad about taking the foot pedal off a broken machine in a broken case, I'm attached to my Remington (same era in the dual beige tones) more than fixing up this machine but I'll offer the body to my sewing repair guy because it does have a good look and just needs a cleaning, belt and now foot pedal The repair guy would have certainly replaced it had I asked him to, and the problem only became apparent on a long sustained seam (putting together a back) so I'm sure he checked it. But they've been so busy and the only reason I had him do it before is because I didn't have access to any old machines with the thrift stores closed, I rather like doing the work myself. If I was wanting a good machine, there is a lovely Kenmore?/Singer? in a stand probably 60s/70s with accessories current price under $10 also near by, but I'd feel bad taking just the foot pedal off something like that, besides not the right vintage.

The way this site works is it is pick up only, no shipping. It is the responsibility of the buyers to bring their own boxes, packing materials, etc. It's sort of a hybrid between ebay and craig's list with no cash on anyone, you can do your own photos or you can hire people to do it, is often estates. The site takes a small commission/charge for the hosting and technology.
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