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Originally Posted by juliasb View Post
Welcome to the QB from SE Michigan. I am so glad you are joining us and are ready to jump right in. Currently I am working on a Drunkard's Path. It is Queen Size and all I have to finish is the binding. I have been working on it about 2 months now and am excited I am close to the finish. Of course I can never be working on a single project I have to have 2 maybe 3 things going at one time so I also am working on a table runner using the Bears Paw block I will be doing this as a Quilt As You Go project. I usually have my hands in a quilt or fabrics or some other crafty thing. Right now it is quilting that rules! Again welcome to the QB Jump right in and join the fun!
Hi Julia, so nice to meet you. Iíll check out the projects area here to see if you post photos of your Drunkardís Path quilt and table runner. I hope you do post photos. Iíd love to see the colors you use. The Bearís Paw Block would be perfect for me to do a video on. Iíve only done one table runner QAYG. I donít know why I havenít done more. Strange how that happens. Have fun finishing your quilt. Iím sure itís beautiful!
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