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Default Replacement Power Cord Comparison

This is a note to any and all sellers of VSM's parts.

As a user & collector of vintage (specifically Singer) sewing machines, i was appalled at the quality of the latest power cord purchased/received. It had to be forced in and out of the receptacle, needless to say that this isn't getting used at all as it will only cause damage to the machine and user.

I compared it to another power cord (purchased from a different place) and there is no comparison at all. This one is a perfect fit and overall quality is far better.

Now then, back to the poor quality cord.....i thought to big loss as i'll just cut it off and fit the original Bakelite onto the lead. Well, no such luck there either. The copper wires themselves were also of the same bad quality and quickly went into the bin where it belongs. Not a complete loss as i got a refund on the part & shipping so i can't complain about the great customer service i received.

What the seller doesn't realize though, is that they just lost a potential returning customer due to the poor quality unusable/unsafe product received. Should care more about the product on sale to customer rather than sourcing cheap crap and thinking of pennies first. A good seller will always test & check their product that cares as much as the user does. Anyways, rant over lol and wondering if any of you have had similar experiences.
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