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Hello & welcome!

I have been on both sides of this machine dilemma.

I couldn't afford a combo machine when I first got back into sewing. My first purchase was an embroidery only machine at the top of my budget. Honesty, I was also intimidated about changing a combo machine from one to the other. Later, I purchased a sewing only machine which is still used but not always set up.

A few years ago, I upgraded to a combo machine. It is easy to change between sewing/embroidery so no worries now.

Pay attention to stitch count limits and hoop size. I suggest going for the largest hoop and the features you want. How do the designs transfer to the machine? I can transfer wirelessly but generally use a usb.

Be sure the machine cuts the jump stitches. A couple more thoughts. It is easy to grow (learn) into a machine. It is also easy to out-grow a machine pretty fast. I like to buy up and then learn the features.

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