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Hello! (And a question)

Hello! (And a question)

Old 09-25-2020, 10:41 AM
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Default Hello! (And a question)

Hello everyone!

I am new here, but I've been coming to the board for advice and tips for almost a year now. The community here seems so nice and helpful that I decided I should ask for some advice.

I've been quilting for about 10 years, but just in the past year or so have I really gotten into it and began knocking out quilts. I'm completely addicted to making things now! I have had a Janome 6260QC for the past ten years, which I absolutely LOVE. I've been wanting to get a new machine though. One with embroidery capabilities. I have done a ton of research online and I thought I had settled on a Janome 9850. I went to my local quilt shop yesterday and the lady showed me the Janome 550e. Now I'm torn. The only thing I don't like about the 550e is that it's just for embroidery and I thought I wanted an all in one. But the hoop size is incredible!

So my questions are: Has anyone used either of these? And if so how did you like them? Is the 550e easy to use for a beginner? Is it worth the extra money for the bigger hoop when it's only for embroidery?

I know a lot of it will come down to personal preference and such, but I'm hoping someone has some input on how they work, or what someone who's beginning should want/look for? I know I don't want a tiny hoop, but the 9850 seems to have a decent size? I'm not 100% set on a Janome, they are just what I know and trust. So if someone has a third option that will blow the others away please let me know that also. I'm mainly just looking for a machine that will last me for a good while, and allow me to learn and grow without being too small or lacking features. (I know, I don't want much, do I? )

Thanks for reading!
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First of all Welcome to the QB from SE Michigan! I am unfamiliar with your machine but I do have an all in one Brothers and I know I would want an all in one machine I have never thought about a machine that only does on function I don't want to have to change machines out mid project. That is just my thought. I know there are others here that have the machines you are looking at. They will be much more help than I can be when it comes to Janome. I love my older Janome and use it the majority of the time with my quilting. Again welcome to the QB and continue to join in the fun and learning.
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Hello & welcome!

I have been on both sides of this machine dilemma.

I couldn't afford a combo machine when I first got back into sewing. My first purchase was an embroidery only machine at the top of my budget. Honesty, I was also intimidated about changing a combo machine from one to the other. Later, I purchased a sewing only machine which is still used but not always set up.

A few years ago, I upgraded to a combo machine. It is easy to change between sewing/embroidery so no worries now.

Pay attention to stitch count limits and hoop size. I suggest going for the largest hoop and the features you want. How do the designs transfer to the machine? I can transfer wirelessly but generally use a usb.

Be sure the machine cuts the jump stitches. A couple more thoughts. It is easy to grow (learn) into a machine. It is also easy to out-grow a machine pretty fast. I like to buy up and then learn the features.

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Welcome to the forums, I can only make comments as an observer on embroidery machines.

The embroidery machine my friend has can also be used as a sewing machine. Both of her machine are Brothers and the bobbins are very slightly different and that caused a number of problems until she got rid of all bobbins and bought and marked new ones for both machines. I think it was her previous machine that had issues because it wouldn't read modern USB drives, we had to find some low end giveaway types.

The thing I hear most from people who use embroidery machines is make sure the images/artist you want is available on your machine. And then they want as big a hoop space as possible. And then they complain about the amount of interfacing it takes but so it goes!
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Thank you for the replies! I appreciate the input, it is helping a lot. I have called a local place and setup a time to come in and have her demo the machines for me next week. Hopefully that will help me to further sort it out. I had no idea it would be so tough!
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Hi, and welcome!
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Welcome from MI!
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I have a combo machine and I love it, it is a Babylock. I also have a sewing only machine. I decided that while the embroidery machine was humming along sewing out my design that I could be sewing. So I purchased the sewing machine, also a Babylock. I'm glad I did because when the embroidery combo is in the shop or vise versa I still have a machine to play with. Also I can have one machine set up to sew my current project and a spare for when I need to make something quick like a repair or alteration and I don't have to change bobbin and threads.
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Welcome from Southern Indiana! Can't help with your choices...mine is an all in one, but regardless of which you choose, you are going to enjoy embroidering!
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Hello again!

I went with neither of my original options. I got a Skyline S9 (embroidery and sewing) and so far I love it! Thank you all for the help and welcomes! I am excited to be a part of this community as more than an observer!
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