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Getting the idea is the hard part, Macybaby...

I let Mary know I still haven't gotten to the post office I've just been pretty much flat in bed most of the last couple of weeks with brief computer/quilting periods. It's a combination of physical type issue flare-ups, good news is that mentally I'm pretty good staring at the ceiling! Having the hubby drive me places this week, so hoping for Saturday for the Post Office.

I haven't heard back from Rebecca in a week or so, I know she is still working on her round to my center but that she was under the weather too. I told her not to stress and if she could get "substantial completion" photos for the group by the 15th with a later mail out that was fine. I also gave her extra play in how big the borders could be.

I think I know how I want to incorporate those basket blocks into my top. Won't know if it is going to be on the top or the back of the quilt, but I think a simple lattice with a 3D effect of a little shadow will be great. So far as I know, my top is still square and I am planning on ending up with a rectangle

Is anyone else planning on adding on an additional row?
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