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I was on a roll and expected to get it all finished early this morning. I got all the blocks sewn and assembled them into rows and went to pin them to the quilt - and they were way too short!

I remeasured the quilt and it was the same, 66.5", and I measured the blocks and they were as expected, 6" across.

And then it dawned on me. When I was measuring, I was very glad the quilt was 66.5 as then I could use 6" square blocks. And for what ever reason, I got "10" stuck in my brain, even though it's obvious 66/6 equals 11 . . . but that would not have been too bad, would have been four short. But I was a lot more than that.

I had "10" stuck in my head, and then somehow I got the notion that 10 was corner to corner, so I was thinking I only needed 8 per row plus for corners, when I really needed 11 per row plus four corners. So I was 12 blocks short.

The sewing is no big deal, but the problem is that I figured yardage and made sure I had enough before starting, and I didn't have enough of the purple for more than one more block, and I didn't have any large enough scraps of Jaba's fabric for the large center squares. . . So I had to get creative.

I got it figured out and sewn, and am sewing the rows on now (and this time they fit!). The good/bad part is I bought extra of the two purchased fabrics so there was enough of those, but I had to cut two more 4" wide strips from the dark blue and now there isn't enough left for the binding.

Time to get back to sewing so I can get a picture of the finished top, and then get it packed up and ready to mail.

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