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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! It was a quiet one this year...just my husband and I. Kids all had other plans...hope to have them all here around Christmas sometime. We had sushi (made by DH) for lunch. Neither of us are big turkey fans so it worked out well. There were a few side dishes I missed but plan to make those in December when the kids can enjoy too.

Bev, sorry to hear about the accident! That is always scary, thankfully no one was hurt too badly.

QNS, good reports at the doctors are always nice to have!

Gladie, sounds like you were able to have a great feast! My youngest always requests ham when we have a big thanksgiving meal at my mom's house since she doesn't eat turkey at all.

I got my MRI results for my wrist/thumb and the good news is the area where they see "possible degeneration/tear" is not an area where they usually have to do surgery. The surgeon is going to do another cortisone injection on Tuesday in a different place this time and hopefully that will take care of things so I can get back to doing things I want to do (ie sewing!!) and not just the things I have to do while in pain.
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