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24 inches is rather deep for a shelf - I would use bins much like the ones for files or banker box size and put the fabric on comic book boards. That is what I did. They are see through but for a while I put an 5x6 card inside that said what was in it. I could read the card through the plastic. My fabric is separated by solids, children, holidays, extra large pieces are kept together. I tried just putting them in the large deeper bins in layers, but I couldn't tell what was in there. A friend of mine used the bins that were 8 inches deep, and I think 15 x 24, she folded her fabric so it fit in sideways, like fat quarters. I pull a bin out at a time instead of a piece of fabric at a time. I also like to use project boxes that I got at Costco for about $15.00 for 5. They are 15 x 15. and hold blocks nicely and all different colors but are easy to see through and easily labeled if you want to do that.

Hope you enjoy putting it all together. If you are like me, you will re-do it from time to time as you find what works for you and what does not.
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