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Originally Posted by Dillonwayne View Post
It has a serial number? I read a little and found that White bought this company at some point?w\/
Welcome, Dillon. Unfortunately a serial number isn't going to be much help. I was under the impression that White did not actually make a lot of the machines from this time period. I believe they bought machines made in Japan and put their name on or other names were put on the same machine. It is all very confusing. I believe there may be a JA and/or JC number on the underside of the machine which could be cast into the machine or stamped on it. I'm going to guess that probably a JA13 or JA38 or maybe a JC4, but it could be many others. There is some speculation that the JA numbers belong to companies that assembled the machine and the JC numbers belong to the company that actually 'cast' the machinel

I think you will find a manual for a Deluxe Zig Zag #5 at http://www.sewusa.com/Sewing_Machine...g_Machines.htm I have never done business with them, but will frequently look at that page to see the different sewing machines that have many different names on them.

Wesing gave a good link about many different Japanese machines. There is another at https://www.quiltingboard.com/vintag...s-t207880.html

It seems like I have seen (on line) similarly colored machines. It seems like you can find machines that show up in different colors but the same machine. Some just have minor differences.

It is generally considered that these dashboard machines are quite the workhorses.

Have fun with you nice looking machine.

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