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It depends on what kind of quilts you want to make. I would work on figuring that out before investing in a stash that may not meet your needs. Also, what's popular now may look very dated in a year or two. Focus on what you like, try to avoid fabrics that are too trendy, and remember that colors might not always be available in the tints you prefer as they change yearly. For instance, one year it's bright blue, then periwinkle, then baby blue, then blue-green, in a continuous cycle year in and year out. I made a mistake in the 80s of overloading my stash with dusty colored prints that went out of style before I could use them up.
They haven't been back in style since.

You can't go wrong with solids in basic colors, and polka dots in different sizes and colorways. Beautiful florals are also good picks. I have Kaffe Fasset prints that are at least ten years old that I use all the time. Find designers that you like and buy their simple patterns. I love Tula Pink's designs, but rarely buy her larger scale prints because they're too limiting. I stick to buying her simpler designs in colors I love.
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