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Another Audible fan! I have, despite living in Hong Kong, a UK membership, which is 7.99 a month, and for that I get one credit a month, so a book that might otherwise cost me upwards of 20 can be acquired for the membership monthly cost. Which, as I read/listen voraciously, is a great deal. I listen to non-fiction audiobooks when I’m quilting and can’t imagine life without them. Slightly oddly, I suppose, because I’m an actor and I sometimes read audiobooks myself, I can’t bear fiction with actors doing funny voices! And so far have never read fiction for audio, either. I like imagining fictional characters myself, not hearing someone’s version of ‘personality’; probably eccentric of me, but there you are! But it’s the most amazing way to learn all sorts of stuff, listening to non-fiction, as long as the reader has a voice that you like. Sometimes they really can be more or less un-listenable-to; of course it’s purely personal - someone I love might not be liked by someone else and vice versa. But mostly they are good, and you can sample before buying to be sure you like the reader. The best thing about it is that you never feel guilty about ‘just’ reading because you can be doing something else at the same time and feel, somehow, ok about managing to work and ‘read’. Personally I find it impossible to listen to a book and drive at the same time, too distracting and I miss whole chunks while I’m negotiating traffic (happily it’s that way round and not that I forget that I’m driving!!) But for many routine tasks, like washing up or cooking or, lucky for us quilters, when we are quilting, it’s just wonderful.
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