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Default Audible book club

Just finished listening to and enjoying "The Quilter's Apprentice" and of course now want more. Our public library has limited titles available.

Do you subscribe to an online audible book club? What are your monthly charges after the free trial period?

Can't wait to hear your pros and cons.
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I don't subscribe to an online audible book club but I did find this site a little over a year ago. She has written a few books & she has personally read a couple online through her podcast. You might be interested in this while you are searching for something to subscribe to.
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I adore Audible. I have over 600 titles to prove it! I've been a member since 2010.
They have a new feature now that is awesome. They offer a lot of different books and podcasts free with a monthly subscription.
I used to get 2 credits a month but since this new feature I dropped it to one. I still get audiobooks from the library- Libby and Hoopla but Audible has everything imaginable.
I can't think any any cons with Audible. Their customer service is excellent and you can return any book you don't like. I've used that option quite a bit over the years, although I rarely need to.

One credit per month with tax is around $15 or 16.00 and 2 is a bit less. My habits tend to be- books I know I'll want to listen to more than once I get on Audible, while others either Libby or Hoopla. I'm one of those people who loves to "revisit" books.
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our local library has a link for eBooks and Audible books from out State library--maybe call your local library and see if they have something similar
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I get both Libby (unlimited titles per month) and Hoopla (eight titles per month) from our county library. If your library has limited audio available, can you check with your state library, neighboring counties' libraries or local college library? They may be able to issue you a library card with audio privileges for a few dollars per year. Certainly less expensive than Audible. I love audio books and listen to six or eight or more than a dozen every month, depending on their length. Right now, listening to Thomas Wolff's Look Homeward Angel. It's 28 hours so, even at a slightly accelerated pace (thank you iphone!) it will take a while and reduce my monthly total this month. Good luck!
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I use Libby all the time. Big selection & free from my library.
I love sewing & have a book read to me ! Technology is awesome.
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Originally Posted by Julienm1 View Post
Just finished listening to and enjoying "The Quilter's Apprentice" and of course now want more. Our public library has limited titles available.

Do you subscribe to an online audible book club? What are your monthly charges after the free trial period?

Can't wait to hear your pros and cons.

I was gifted and Audible membership a number of years ago and enjoyed it. But I let it go because my local library has an app and access to another audio book service that I use. Not as many choices as Audible, but it is free. There are several similar free services. The one my library uses is Libby. Easy to join and is linked to my library card. Check you library web site and see what they offer.

osewme, thanks for mentioning Quilt Fiction. I had it bookmarked but had forgotten all about it.

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Another Audible fan! I have, despite living in Hong Kong, a UK membership, which is 7.99 a month, and for that I get one credit a month, so a book that might otherwise cost me upwards of 20 can be acquired for the membership monthly cost. Which, as I read/listen voraciously, is a great deal. I listen to non-fiction audiobooks when I’m quilting and can’t imagine life without them. Slightly oddly, I suppose, because I’m an actor and I sometimes read audiobooks myself, I can’t bear fiction with actors doing funny voices! And so far have never read fiction for audio, either. I like imagining fictional characters myself, not hearing someone’s version of ‘personality’; probably eccentric of me, but there you are! But it’s the most amazing way to learn all sorts of stuff, listening to non-fiction, as long as the reader has a voice that you like. Sometimes they really can be more or less un-listenable-to; of course it’s purely personal - someone I love might not be liked by someone else and vice versa. But mostly they are good, and you can sample before buying to be sure you like the reader. The best thing about it is that you never feel guilty about ‘just’ reading because you can be doing something else at the same time and feel, somehow, ok about managing to work and ‘read’. Personally I find it impossible to listen to a book and drive at the same time, too distracting and I miss whole chunks while I’m negotiating traffic (happily it’s that way round and not that I forget that I’m driving!!) But for many routine tasks, like washing up or cooking or, lucky for us quilters, when we are quilting, it’s just wonderful.
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I am an avid reader, but haven't tried audio books, yet. You encourage me to try the free trial! As a retired elementary teacher, I feel compelled to share a children's e-book site. Lots of libraries offer free link. I loved John Lithgow reading his own books...
Oh, it's

(Also loved
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I've been tempted to join Audible, but I don't want the monthly fee. You can download free audio books from LibriVox,
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