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Default Thread suggestions/cautions for newbie

Hi! Iím very inexperienced so I apologize if these questions are basic! And if anyone has an introductory book recommendation, Iíd appreciate it!!

What Iím wondering is... if thereís any rules or general cautions about the type of thread I should be using with an antique treadle machine. Iím coming from weaving, so I have a lot of fine cotton warp thread in my studio but I know I should be using low-shed fibers instead. Is there a recommended type of thread for antique machines?

Project context... I want to start a practice project doing a very basic quilt block with a few pieces of medium weight broadcloth cotton. My machine is a White Family Rotary c.1915-20. It has a newer, unmarked needle installed, that is flat on one side. Do I also need to choose thread by needle size?

thank you!!
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