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Originally Posted by selm View Post
Recently our various doctors' offices have started contacting us through our smartphone. I told at least one to use our "landline" for contact but not sure they did that.
They're texting all the time before appointments.
Annoying as I don't carry it around with me and so end up with messages I have to deal with. We have phones all over the house to answer but now they are not using that number. May try to change them.
It was explained to me that it is more efficient for the receptionist to send a text to remind us of appointments than to place a call. It’s faster than waiting for someone to answer or wait for voice mail and then have a conversation.

My grandfather was one of those old curmudgeon types who refused to move with the times and was always disparaging the younger generation. I vowed I wouldn’t be like him as I got older. I need to remind myself sometimes.

Advances in technology have changed my life; mostly for the better. We have control over how much it impacts our lives.
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