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Default Covid Opportunity

What has being sequestered with Covid given you the opportunity to learn?

I have always wanted to be an artist, but knew I just didn't have that ability ever since my first grade teacher criticized my work. Well -- I had seen alcohol ink art online and loved the way the colors flowed and that all you had to do was blow them around with a straw. As I got into it, of course I needed the right paper that allowed the ink to flow (Kirkland photo paper or Staples, using the wrong side) and different devices to blow the ink around (low wattage hair dryer, airbrush, etc.), isopropyl alcohol and the ink (JoAnns' coupons). There are outstanding teachers on YouTube to learn from, too.

Now I'm learning to do modern calligraphy so I can do pretty lettering on the cards I make with alcohol ink.

So, even though I'm practically older than even senior citizens, I'm still excited about learning new things and thrilled that with the generous help of YouTube teachers, I can learn them.

How about you?
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