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I haven't learned a new form of art nor have I caught up on all my quilts. I have started a number of tops and completed 12 so far. I have a ton of blocks made to put into quilts but am nowhere close to getting them sewn together.
What I have learned is to slow down and in turned stop hurting my body so much. I have a very bad back and all the activities I like to do put stress on my back. So I have slowed down. That is a miracle all its own. No Rhizotomy in about a year and a half. I have one scheduled for this month since it is finally catching up to me. Then I should be pain free for a good 6 months or more. COVID has taught me to slow down and love more where I am with what I am doing. My love of quilting and now using the Accuquilt System had increased what I can do to a point I will never run out of quilts to make.
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