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I have learned to slow down and smell the flowers. Not go, go, go all the time. Much more relaxed.
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With no where to go and school being out I kept my grandkids almost daily. We crafted, baked, and watch lots of movies and had virtual school to do. I learned that I would never have liked being a school teacher.
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I have commented previously on here, that for me, Covid allowed me to enjoy my home, my garden, and my flowers. I did not learn any new quilting skills, or take any online classes to learn a new pattern or technique, but I did buy a Cricut cutting machine and did set it up (which for the electronically challenged is quite a feat) and have learned how to use it. I also had (have) the time to focus on sewing as a small craft business, I am selling items in three locations now, and am hoping to add a few more. I am very appreciative of this time in my life, and grateful for my new found joy of slowing down. I know it may sound foolish to some, but, I for one am looking forward to another summer much like last years.
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We saved on gasoline because we didn’t go much. I sorted my way through 11 boxes of pictures & picture albums. In most cases vacation pictures got tossed away. Evidently a cousin was doing the same thing because we got an envelope in the mail with old family pictures.
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I made fabric masks for awhile last year when things first happened but it ended up being a really bad idea for me: I internalized more stress because I felt so much responsibility for so many people's safety and ended up being wound up to the point where I couldn't sleep or eat, much less sew, lost ten pounds, I took a six month break from sewing after that cause the mere thought of making masks or my sewing machine made me want to scream. I ended up doing a lot of crochet with cotton, made lots of potholders and washcloths which I gave away as fast as I made them. I did make 2 quilts after my sewing break and I've got another in planning stages and I'm still crocheting as well. Have a coworker who is expecting around the holidays and I'm planning baby blankets and burp cloths too.

soooo, I learned that I cannot take the weight of the world upon my shoulders and I need to take better care of my mental health. I also learned that I really enjoy crocheting potholders. I learned that I need to be at work, me home all day for a few weeks on end is just awful for me, I don't know what I'll do if I retire someday.
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Austinite, retirement can be a challenge. We own our own business and I'm older than my husband so I'm still working 3 afternoons a week even though I'm 68 and that's okay. I think easing into retirement is a good thing. It can be so easy to lose focus when you don't have a structured schedule to keep. i struggled a lot when my ankle was broken and I couldn't work. I'm really happy with working like I am now. I get some contact with people on the days I'm in the office which helps me keep from getting too isolated. Work is important to me to help me keep my perspective
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