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My brother's birthday was the third, he is 13 months older than I am. I called him and wished him a Happy Birthday. Iowa sweet corn is coming on; you have never eaten anything better than Iowa sweet corn! My buddy farmer called me yesterday, and we will meet on Wednesday to get 8 dozen ears to freeze in the freezers. But that means we need to clean out the old stuff from bother freezers today or tomorrow. That Incredible Corn is worth all the labor! It will get a milk-water bath for three minutes, then we cut it off the cob, bag it in quart bags, and freeze it. A few ears will be frozen for use later. It has been a few years that we have not had the chance to get some and this will taste sooo good.

Our zinnias are blooming so beautiful that line our driveway and greet us every morning when we look at them! Wow. Every color but the green ones grew and are blooming, . . all 500 plus.
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