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Thanks for the positive thoughts and comments The ping pong table does fold up -- not as small as you would think/old style ones, but I will be able to store it inside during the wet winter months (or will be once I clear the laundry room out). For now it gets tarps in case of rain or overnight dew. It has a modern laminate top, not paint. It is quite lightweight but awkward on the grass, next free one I'll be fussier about the wheels.

Ping pong table is 108"/3 yards long which is just about perfect for me, usually it's the size I cut/order backs, my tops are typically just under 100". It is 60" wide -- which is the width of my queen bed. Has a handy line right down the middle too to help layout the tops. The height of the table is better than bed height which is what I have been using as my largest work space -- no way I physically could have spray basted a quilt a day for three days and still be able to walk upright! Plus my bed has four-posters which really get in the way.

I have a Bernina with a huge throat and the other big thing I've done this summer is I bought a sewing table from an auction site I like. Is funny how one purchase for one specific use and room can impact the rest of the house... anyway, we are doing a bunch or reorganization stuff. Here's the before and after of the sewing room:
What are we organizing today 2021

I'm going to be warming up with these Bonnie Hunter quilts and doing basic serpentine grid quilting, figuring Bonnie's design is so strong that the quilting can just be functional. Or within my skill set. Or something like that... I have so many tops to finish and had to figure out ways to get that done within my budget and space. I used to have better access to things like conference/lunch rooms with big tables. I'm hoping being able to have my machine at table top level, with that extra space will be a big help to both my technical skills and my physical ability.

The third quilt I basted is a gift for my husband's Aunt Debbie. I want to do a little fancier work on that one and the goal is to have it done by this year's mystery. Still think that if I can, I'll use my box of solids this year.
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