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Default Sylvia Bridal Sampler BOW

Originally Posted by Anael View Post
Wow Dotty!!!! Those blocks are gorgeous! Is the quilt top finished or do you still have to sew them together?
What will be your next project?
I'm well, thanks for asking. And you? You're ok?
I am fine thank you Anael - saying that I have had a bit of a problem with my heart in that every now and again it goes into a very fast rate - I am waiting for a procedure to rectify it - but with the pandemic I just have to wait longer than would have done !! I am OK though.
Yes I still have to join all the 100 blocks and the borders etc. Will probably start that when I have some Christmas projects finished !
My next project will be Sampler Spree - a book written by Susan Ache and I have chosen Moda fabric called Cottage Bleu. I have attached a photo ! - I hope !!

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