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Originally Posted by themadpatter View Post
The idea of having a spool instead of a bobbin just fascinates me. I mean, its soooo logical!! So I want to hear about your experience of sewing on one, please.
I have a two spool and I have used it to make a quilt. I loved it. Mine is electric, and the foot pedal has a "wall" on it which keeps my foot in place so I don't always loose my place on the pedal. The spool that fits in the can is a 125 yard spool, which you can't buy anymore, but I have lots of old spools that fit, so I can rewind the spool on the machine. Yes, there is a spool winder on it. You can put whatever you want onto that spool, even 4 ply knitting worsted or ribbon. You can skip the last tension slot on the can, and you can do bobbin work or put any kind of picture. You sew on the wrong side and the pretty stuff goes underneath, on the right side. I also have a Delta Rotary which used the same threading. That was really hard to figure out.
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