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Originally Posted by ibex94 View Post
... original 128-13 manual... The only thing that seems to be missing is the bentwood case key and the tray door. ...
Does anyone in here have the 128-13 that can post a picture of with the tray door? Can you post a picture for me? The ones I have seen for sale are missing what looks like a lock feature on the other 128 models that I have seen online. ...
I'm thinking that if it is a 128-13 that the manual will show a larger spoked hand wheel. I have a 1950 128-23 that came with a 128-23 manual that shows a solid and smaller hand wheel. If you click on the links at ISMACS https://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_mac...s-100-199.html for the 128-13 and 128-23 you will see that they have different hand wheels. I also found a worthpoint page that says it is a 128-13, but shows a 128-23 manual https://www.worthpoint.com/worthoped...ide-1880950628

My 128-23 did not come with a tray cover, but does have the slots so one would fit. The Worthpoint shows the tray cover, but the turn key is kind of hard to see. There is another picture that shows it a little better at http://www.possumjimandelizabeth.com...g_sing128.html (Not the first picture as that cover is for a machine with a knee bar.)

I'm guessing that you know about the screwdriver trick for unlocking the bentwood case. Here is about someone that had gotten a machine that someone previously didn't know about. https://oldsingersewingmachineblog.c...nd-how-not-to/ I have made some keys that fit the bentwood cases. Actually, the one with the blue top was actually made by a locksmith from an original I had. My bentwood keys -

Some others that Joe made can be found at Need to buy a key for an older 99

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