About auto leasing..

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Post About auto leasing..

I'm looking for a little larger SUV than have now (cute Kia Soul-- I don't think it quite fits a short, grey haired, plump Nanna image?). I'll sell it to 1 of my DGDs.
I'm thinking about leasing a new car (there'd be no worry about maintiance, etc)....Could you share experiences?

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How long are you planning on keeping the vehicle? How many miles will you drive it per year? Do you keep a car spotless?

I've never tired it. I keep my cars way too long for it to make any sesne for me. But I' have heard lots of horror stories about unexpected costs when one tries to turn it back in. Horrendous charges for over mileage, disagreement and chages about overall condition. and the deck is stacked in the dealer's favor. I will be watching this thread for more opinions.
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My friend leased for all the reasons you mentioned and had a very bad experience and said she would never do it again.

I'm not sure why you wouldn't be better off with a newer car off of a dealer's lot that still had some warrantee. That way you'd own the car at the end but still have support from the dealer throughout the time you owned it.

I bought a 2018 Ford Escape directly from a Ford dealer, used and it still has almost full warrantee. It will be paid off before the warrantee expires and I will own the car to do whatever I want with. I will keep it until it starts to cost me money in repairs and then I'll sell it and have a good down payment on another used car.

Maybe I'm missing something about the leasing thing?

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I know my SIL leases her vehicles because she can write it off on her taxes but I like owning my own vehicles. In the end of a lease you still have a bundle of money to pay (if I understand a lease right). Hope you get some good advice on this issue.
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We have never leased because we drive our cars a long time. My son used to lease because he liked a new car every few years. But now he buys too. I think it can work out if the person leasing does a lot of research and reads the contract very carefully.
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I leased once, never again for all the unpleasant reasons already listed. Read carefully, ask questions and hope you get honest answers if you decide to go that direction.
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I would be sure to add up the total costs over the time frame of the lease with any additional charges at turn in. My brother leased when he traveled in sales. It made sense for him because he could deduct almost the entire thing. I think you are much better paying for a car with the low interest rates than leasing.
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We leased once, but we were still responsible for repairs and insurance. Never again!
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Regina, have you ever seen a Regina pre record player music box?
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I could never see an advantage in leasing versus buying. We would never lease. We keep trucks a long time, don't buy cars anymore.
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