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Originally Posted by ladyinpurple135 View Post
Everyone is talking about living conditions - my question is - do you like the weather in Florida? I, too live in NC and love it here - plus I wouldnít move to Florida for anything. Nit trying to sound like Debbie Downer but just understand that itís a lot different there than here in NC - I live 30 miles north of Charlotte. Itís get really, really humid and there are tins of flying things. A good friendís daughter and kids used to live there (on both coasts) and she had words I wonít write. They actually had alligators and those huge snakes that are in lots of places. Iíve been to Orlando and Daytona - both in the summer. I generally do not perspire correctly - I just get clammy - but I was dripping in both places. And I would miss the winter and change of seasons, Iíve watched those videos from Jerry and Linda and laughed and laughed. Iím 73-1/2 and I would never live in an adult community. Just not my cup of tea.

Sandy in Mooresville! nC
Hi Sandy! You are not too far away from me. I'm in Raleigh up by Wake Forest. We have only lived here two years and I do like it, but I would be fine with no cold weather at all. The Jerry and Linda videos have been good for information, but I agree about that lifestyle....not for me either.
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All of the heat and humidity would be too much for me. It gets too hot and humid here for me. I would like to live in a cooler area.
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