Alabama destruction

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I have not seen the pictures on the newscasts as our cable is still out. What I know is from the internet and from people I have talked with. We were even asked to conserve water yesterday.
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We live in the Eastern Shore area in Southern Alabama. On Wednesday we were in Birmingham at Brookwood Hospital (hubby's brother was having back surgery) all day, from 8am to 9pm. We watched the weather channel all day in the lobby. It was pretty scary as we realized we were right in the storm's path and then the tornado took a path straight towards the brother's home. Thank goodness the hospital and brother's home area was spared any destruction. But all our thoughts and prayers go out to the person's affected by this incredible devastation.
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We live in TN and were extremely lucky to not have had any damage to where we live. DD's car was damage by huge hail. The passenger window in the back seat was smashed completely. Thankfully, that is the worst for us. I was at work and it was such a helpless feeling knowing my family was in harms way. A tornado touched down just a few miles from their home. Luckly on minor damage from it.
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My heart is hurting for all of the families affected by all of these storms. They are all in my thoughts constantly (((HUGS)))
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{{{Hugs}}} love and prayers for everyone in the affected areas. :-(
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Ann, where in Alabama are you? My family is in Huntsville, Toney, Monrovia and Hazel Green. I have not been able to get through to them.

I know they don't have power. Have been watching WHNT on streaming. And, found out friends of ours, four separate families' houses were completely destroyed. Nothing but foundation left.
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Woke up this morning to a beautiful day!! No power, but have generator !! We are so lucky. We were on the outside edges of the early morning storm. No damage to our home but the power station that services us is damaged. I can't complain - we are alive, so are are children. We have a place to lay our head. I thank God for these blessings. So devastated for my City and State. Please keep all of Alabama in your thoughts and prayers. Thank God for all of the volunteers working to help the devastated areas
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We belong to an unfortunate 'brotherhood' at the moment - weather and destruction in Oz, NZ, Japan and US is binding us together in understanding and experiences. Hope the death toll is a lot less than expected and that the infrastructures can be reinstated quickly.All the best for a brighter future for all of us.
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I am in Guntersville, AL between Huntsville & Birmingham. My area is totally destroyed. Destruction everywhere, homes gone or smashed to pieces. Hundreds of trees uprooted. Fourth day with no power & have been told it could be at least 10 days to 2 weeks before any power can be restored. All transformers have been smashed and power poles and lines are now floating in our 66,000 acre lake. Some sections with no water. There is no food, ice, and no gas to run generators in homes. We are fine, no physical damages, so that is the main thing! My son is in the seminary in Asbury, KY and he came here with some other students to help clean up our house & others. I'm using his portable laptop to write this. Going to be a long time until things are back together, that's for sure.
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I am in northern Alabama and if you want to see a close up of some of the destruction, go to Youtube and type in "Praise You in the Storm" Tuscaloosa Tornado by Shari Gilbert [HQ]
It is 7 minutes long and will give you a closer insight of the destruction. My family, other than having no electricity, was spared extreme damage and injury. There is so much destruction. Until you have lived through one of these tornadoes, you cannot really comprehend the devastation. Just pray for the families. I just saw the post above me and the marina in the picture below is in Guntersville, about 30 miles north of me. Thank you

This is a picture of the Guntersville marina where our grandson has his houseboat he lives on. His boat was not damaged. PTL
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