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Thread: Bombs to kill pests

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    Bombs to kill pests

    I have never used these before. When using these
    do they make a big mess to clean up? Does it leave
    a film or anything all over everything? Would you need
    to wash walls, curtains and such?

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    I have never had a problem with film . but do shut off your gas pilot

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    Once I discovered Roach Proof I quit using anything else. It works for virtually every pest except maybe spiders. It even works on ants and millers if they get into it. I also read not long ago that you can mix it with a carpet powder and leave it on for a while before you vacuum it up and it'll kill fleas too. It's just boric acid so it's not toxic to pets.

    Not long after we moved into this house I saw a couple of roaches and I sprinkled it around in the under the sink cupboards and cracks in most of the lower cupboards. That was the end of the roaches! Then I had ants come in after the cat food and I sprinkled it in the patio door track and no more ants. It was still in the patio door track when we had the major miller invasion and if they got into it it killed them too.

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    I buy this stuff by Combat that comes in a tube and you don't need too much of it and it will get rid of them thru your whole house in no time. My house was bad when we bought it and tried bombs and everything else but this did the trick.

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    I have never used a bomb for bugs. I have a cockatiel (bird) and must watch what is sprayed in the house. We used borax and it kills the ants that comes in, only bug we have other than a few small spiders. I would not use the bugs, if infestation is too bad you would be better calling Orkin or someone like them. I'm sure they will know exactly what to use.
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    I also use boric acid, it is found under such names as Roach Prof or roach away. It is great for killing fleas, I just sprinkle on the carpets like carpet powder and work it in with a stiff broom. I don't vacuum for a few days to let it work down into the pad. You can put it under chair cushions or other places fleas get. If you can't find it Borax has boric acid in it. It works by drying up the insects so it isn't harmful to pets or humans. We bought a house that was loaded with roaches and I just poured containers of it behind the fridge and stove, under cabinets and anywhere else I could get it. This was after professional treatment and it works well, never had any more problems. I would be scared of the bombs because of breathing it and it getting in everything and it doesn't kill the eggs so in a little while you would be back where you started.

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