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I check out audiobooks ( cd's) from the library all the time.
Whenever i am driving there is a story going. I like that i squeeze
in time for reading while driving.
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The James Herriott books on tape or CDs are perfect for an older man - All Creatures Great and Small, etc. they are all episodes in the life of a Country Vet. They also come in videos and are on PBS.
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To download free audio books to your computer or tablet try:
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Here I am singing my same old tune, LOL. You can often get books on tapes at thrift stores for just a dollar or two. There are usually a lot of them as people switch to CDs. Sometimes I also find books on CD and I buy them usually for $3 or $4.

I listen to the CDs in my car as I drive to distract me from the discomfort/pain of doing so. After I finish one, I donate them to the Veteran's Hospital for others to share.

I know and think it's wonderful that they are available free from the libraries, but my problem with that is that I am very inconsistent with remembering to return them. I found myself often having to pay fines, thank you fibro fog! lol
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Books on tape are great, they are all on cd's now. You can also set up an iPhone or iPad to download audio books for free, librarians can help you do that. There are a lot of really good books on tape, cozy mysteries, also Louise Penny, M.c. Beaton, so many to choose from now. You can also monitor your account on line, and if you need to renew, or order a book, its easier to do online.
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I listen to audio books in two formats----buying the book in a CD set or an electronic copy from Audible that I play on an iPod or my Kindle. I like the CDs since I play them in my car on road trips. There are also inexpensive portable CD players at most retail stores like Walmart that are easy to use. I buy used CD books on eBay for under $10 because new ones cost $25-50.
The electronic version from Audible does require some basic computer skills to purchase and download plus the device to play them on like an iPod or Kindle is more expensive than a CD player, and Audible books can be pricey. If you happen to be an Amazon Prime member you can "borrow" one free Book a month for the Kindle.
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Your local library should have some options for you. They should have audiobooks already loaded on a small device called a PlayAway. You check out the whole device like you would a regular print book. They only have a few buttons like play, stop, rewind and an automatic bookmarking feature. Battery operated and the library supplies the batteries. Each device contains one book. There are also books on cd, but you supply the device to play them on.
In Ohio, the state library has a feature call Ohio Digital Library which offers free audiobook downloads which stay on your device for 3 weeks. I use this all the time and downloaded the audiobooks to a Creative Zen MP3 player for years, but now download them straight to my smartphone or computer through an app called Overdrive Media. Your library should have a link to this free app as well as a list of compatible MP3 players and someone to help you learn the process. I would bet your state library has a similar program, accessed through your local library.
There is also a national program called "Talking Books" which offers free audiobooks and players to people with learning difficulties or physical limitations that make it hard for them to read print books. The older devices were set up with just a few large buttons, color coded and with Braille writing on them. Very easy to use and the device was given to you free for as long as you needed it. In the past (8 yrs ago) they would send a booklet of available books and you would call or send in a postcard with the books you wanted. The books were then mailed to you in a hard plastic mailing case with a postage paid return sticker. When you were done, you just mailed it back and requested another book. We had a child with dyslexia who used this service and loved it.
Again, all these services can be accessed through your public library free of charge. Good luck, hope you find something that your relative can use.
Linda (retired librarian)
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I listen to books on my MP3 player while I sew. Love it. The library has the books, I just need to download them. I have ear buds, but also have a little speaker (Just a bit larger then a ping pong ball) that I can pin to my clothes or hang on the bow of my glasses.
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I too use my local library, but I never have to go there. You just need a library number and Overdrive Media. I used an ipod for years, but for some reason I have gotten a glitch in it and now have to use my smartphone. I liked the pod better, but you first have to download to your computer and then transfer them to my ipod. they stayed there until I removed them. Now with the smartphone, you have to listen before they automatically delete upon the expiration which is for 1 week or two, depending upon what you choose. I never run out of books, have been doing this for years and have not paid for any. Also, if you want a certain book, you can put it on waitlist. Hope this helps.
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dms.....I, too, have an Ipod which I have used for several years.....downloaded free through MediaOverdrive through the Library.....Early this year, it quit downloading. I've not been able to get to the Library to see if it's my device or their program.....I loved the fact that I could download whatever I had ordered, but listen to it whenever I wanted to. I have dry eye syndrome and cannot read print for long periods of time. I do not have a smartphone.
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