Changed in your lifetime

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Default a person who loves to learn the internet has made it so much easier research and learn about what ever catches your fancy!
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Insulated homes.
Nancy in western NY
before you speak T.H.I.N.K. T is it True? H is it Helpful? I is it Inspiring? N is it Necessary? K is it Kind?
Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance.
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Remote control for the TV. was 1955, my Dad had heart trouble and was confined to bed. He called me in there and asked for the phone book. Looked up a number of some place that sold TVs. Asked Mom to order one. We were the only ones in the neighborhood that had one and our living room was a screening studio. We got one channel and it was black and white and out of focus, but we were glued to it.
Color TV. First image I saw was green lasagna.
Paved roads (1973) . You can still find a gravel road if you look.
Cell phones....starting with transistor radios.
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What's changed in my lifetime? Everything! from running water to the man on the moon.......
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Just about everything LOL.

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You Tube. Like having your own personal teacher.
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So much medical technology.
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Psychotropic drugs.
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All of the above and I agree with all of you that there have been many changes in our lifetime but it usually is for the betterment of our lives.
One thing that has really changed for me is that I started school in a one building school house way out in the country. The teacher had a very small room attached to the school. This one room school provided grades from 1st to 8th. Those were the good old days.
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I am with most, almost everything has changed and I love most of the changes.
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