coffee maker troubles

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Bought a Black and Decker coffee maker two months ago--$17. Ours usually last for years and years...even cheap ones. It started not draining. The filter basket is half full of water when I go to empty it. I've tried everything to figure out the problem--but nothing helped.

Bought a new one yesterday--Mr. Coffee. I told hubby I was worried because it had the same set up as the last one. Made coffee this morning and sure enough--the filter basket is half full of water. :|

Is this how they work now???
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This banner ad zoned in on 'coffee' right away. That is funny.
Don't know about your coffee maker, I am waiting for ours to konk out so I can get another one.
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I don't think either one of them should be doing that. Maybe there is a short in your outlet box.
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I don't know, but hie thee to a Starbucks, fast!!

Then, once you have caffeine in your system, check for an 800 number or website???

That is tantamount to having a sewing machine breakdown.... :thumbdown:
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I use a percolator on the stove. I like the taste better for when I do drink coffee. (I normally drink tea)
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I remember being at my best friend's house when in high school and the smell of her mom's coffee on the stove was amazing!!! Hubby's Nana used to do her's on the stove also.
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I use a percolator too. I had a Farberware one for more than 20 years, and when it went, I bought another. Even those are not made as well as they used to be. I have an antique one that I keep for backup (the plug is way old) and it never fails, but I find myself replacing the percolator every 2-3 years. DAmnit.
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I have a one cup Kurp. and for back up my Franchpress.
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No that is not how they are suppose to work... is it a cone basket and does it have where you can pour a cup while it still makes coffee ?

Mine has done that a few times and the basket is not seated correctly.. it will start and then the basket area fills with water but not the pot :roll: It may appear to be in correct , but it is not. Play with the basket :thumbup: Trust me been there, done that :wink:
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The coffe you are using may be too finely ground and it's clogging the filter. Are you nearing the bottom of the coffee package? If you are, try mixing it with some coffee from a newer package.
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