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Default Which coffee maker

Right now I have a Cuisinart coffee maker (6 mts. old). I'd like one that is faster, seems to take about 20 min. to make a pot of coffee. Don't want the one cup one. I know it is fast.
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I love my Mr. Coffee.
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Bunn, it only takes a couple of minutes for the water to run through. We have had ours for at least 15 years.
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Bunn's are really fast. I love my keurig, fresh cup in about a minute when ever I want one
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I love my Cuisinart..the 2nd one I've owned. They were the models that you can adjust the heat of the warming plate--I like very hot. Mr Coffee used to have a model like that--but stopped making it.This one came from Lowe's back in the Spring for $99 (sale), and I saw the same model at Sam's Club last friday for $59. I'm tempted to go back and get one "just in case".
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Bunn is fast and lasts a very long time. I've had 2 in the past 25 years and probably didn't need to replace the first one after about 15 years but my daughter thought I needed the one with the insulated pot.
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I have a Mr Coffee but I make tea.
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I love my presto percolator, 12 cups. I am weird though, that I make it a ritual. Opening the canister and smelling the first aroma and filling the pot with water to just the right amount. Filling the basket using my special spoon and plugging it in. Then the magic begins! Hearing the motion of the water percolating through the grounds is just a little bit of heaven. Then as the liquid pours out of the spout into one of a select few china cups, I know just a few seconds more and I will be rewarded with the sweet creamy luxury of coffee.
Sorry to say, but most people are in to much of a rush to really enjoy a good cup of coffee. I do work 40 hrs and care for my house so I am a busy person but still the ritual of that morning cup is a must. It really only takes a few minutes to use a percolator, you would be surprised how fast it makes a pot of coffee.

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the bunn is fast but $$. It all depends on what is important to you.
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The Bunn makers are quick IF you leave them plugged in all the time and the water in the reserve is kept hot. Otherwise they are slower than a typical drip coffee maker (waiting for the water to heat back up). I think I've had every brand known to man. None of them make me happy at this point. I go for cheap these days. I make about 1/2 pot/morning. Only drink coffee in the AM. When I was working I would make it a point to have a coffee maker with the clock/timer so I could set it up the night before and it was ready when I got up in the AM. Time is not necessarily an issue at this point so I just put it together when I get up now.
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