Diaper pattern

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Default Diaper pattern

I know this isn't quilting related, but it is sewingrelated, so I hope some of you veterans can help me out.

My daughter and son-in-law are hoping to adopt his niece,who is about 16 months old. My daughterwants to use
cloth diapers and has asked me to make some all-in-onediapers with snaps and gussets in the legs. She wants to have

The soaker/diaper part be able to snap in the crotch area aswell so they can be easily removed.

Anyone have a pattern for something like that? I have seen some on the internet but nonereally seem easily
understood to my very limited experience in this sort ofthing…..

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good grief! I can't be of any help in these. sorry. Good luck on doing all that.
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LOL Texan......that's exactly what I thought!
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Sorry, I have no experience with the all-in-one version. Years ago, I did make cloth diapers with Velcro closures and elastic for leg openings and partial waistband (I purchased the diaper covers that were similar to the diaper design). These worked great until each kid was about a year old. Then I found that the cloth diapers and covers just couldn`t contain the wet. I was changing their entire outfit (except socks) every time I changed a diaper. The cloth diapers went from being easy, to generating oodles of laundry and lengthy diaper changes. I gave up and switched to disposables. I am sure that diaper design has improved since I made mine but be aware that they might not work as well as you want.

There is a big comfort difference between cloth and disposables diapers. Cloth demands immediate changes while disposables can be worn the whole day (a slight exaggeration - the kids does not feel uncomfortable in a wet disposable). At 16 months, this girl will be used to her diapers and if she has not been using cloth diapers, she isn`t going to be very happy with a change. On the plus side, she might decide that she wants to be potty trained ASAP.

If it was me, I would consider a diaper service to test out if cloth diapers will work for this family. And secondly, if they decide to continue with cloth diapers, I am thinking it will not be for long because both the changee and changer will want her trained!

OR if this girl has had only disposable diapers then I would continue with them. (I hate disposables so this is a hard recommendation for me to make) Introducing another change when she will be experiencing many changes, doesn`t seem fair.

Wonderful that your daughter and son-in-law are able to help this little girl.
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My-ty makes the best argument for not making changes for this wee one right off.
Nonetheless there are many mom-and-baby sites where this sort of information can be gained, try googling for some. Also try Tipnut.com.

Jan in VA
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You know....I hadn't thought of that. This is coming as such a fast surprise, I think we are all in a little state of shock. I am proud of both of them to help her out and I know she will be welcomed into a loving household.

But never Ever thought of the change....hm.....

Thanks for the input
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I agree with My-Ty, also. But if they are set on trying cloth diapers I would strongly suggest using a diaper service first. My DD wanted cloth diapers at first, environment, etc. After the first few days she was done and went to disposable for many reasons.

Blessings to them all as they become a new family.
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Another thing to consider is if the child will be going to day care. They will not use cloth, only disposables.
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She may change her mind, after she washes them out for a week.
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I made fitted cloth diapers for my babies back in the dinosaur days. I used safety pins to close them snaps are expensive. I wouldn't put snaps in the inside to hold anything since it is next to the baby's skin and might irritate. I used an insert I could buy at the store in a box like a Kleenex box and laid a sheet inside the diaper. the sheet could be thrown out and saved a lot of "messy" diapers to clean. At that time the disposable were just coming in and my kids were allergic to them. Those have changed a lot. I don't have a pattern anymore for the cloth diapers but I may be able to remake one.
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