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Originally Posted by KwiltyKahy View Post
I keep some Blue Dawn around for those DIY recipes.
😳 What are you cooking?? 🤣

Years ago, when hubby and I were first married and on a tight budget, his mother came for a visit, and we went grocery shopping together. I adore her and she adores me, and we play this fun game where we try to see who can annoy the other most. First one to crack and start cussing the other person out loses. As we walked down the aisle in the store, I picked up a discount brand of soap. She told me I should buy Dawn instead. I asked why, she said "Because it's what they use to wash the ducks when there's an oil spill." I said "Well I'm not planning on washing any ducks anytime soon, are you???" Lol. I love that old bat.

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Blue dawn for everything , My theory is if it is safe enough to clean oil slicked birds in, its safe enough to clean anything I have around here
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Blue Dawn Original. There is another Dawn that is blue but not the Original. The new Dawn Power Spray is great for cooktops and air fryers.
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I'll add one more or two.

Our rescue dog fell into the pond and came out a muddy mess. He was a 105 pounds of handsome to wash. DH grabbed the garden hose and I grabbed the blue dawn to the rescue. We never went back to the expensive dog shampoo for him.

I took 6 sunbrella sofa-cushion covers to the dry cleaner. The estimate was $30 each. Counter person said to wash in blue dawn, air dry to damp, and re-insert the cushions to dry. Worked well and saved my wallet.
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I switched to blue dawn a couple of years ago at my daughters suggestion. My dishwasher died so I hand wash all dishes. I'm not really impressed with it. It is wonderful straight from the bottle for cleaning a lot of things. It has never cut grease very well for me. My glass lids for skillets are always smeared, never clean.
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dawn all the way for so many years can't remember using any thing else. I have very oily hair and use it at least once a month to cut the oil and any thing else left from shampoo. I make sure I have a large bottle on hand and fill a small one by the sink.
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I tried some Method dish soap because the scent sounded nice. Terrible stuff. I put in 4 pumps, 5 minutes later all the suds are gone. I think they sell it to people who wash dishes under running water instead of making a dishpan full of suds.
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Did you know you can use Dawn in the dishwasher? I used it many times when I was out of dishwashing detergent. The baking soda keeps the detergent from sudsing.

Dishwashing Detergent Substitute

1/4 teaspoon liquid dish detergent and 1/2 teaspoon baking
soda dissolved in 1/2 cup warm water and poured into the
detergent cup(s) in the dishwasher. Works like a charm.
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Oh dear lord do not tell my husband that! He put Dawn (by itself, and plenty of it!) in the dishwasher once years ago, because he thought they were interchangeable. I walked in the house and the suds were literally up to the ceiling and spilling out into the hallway. We laugh about it now, but I don't want to deal with that again!
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Blue for me too. Altho we have a water softener, we have naturally hard water so I add a drop or so to my bath water and never have to clean up the tub when I'm done.
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