Do you have pierced ears?

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Mine are pierced twice - 1st ones when I was 14 and the second piercing was when I was 18. I wear different earrings just about every day (at least every workday) but hardly ever in the 2nd piercing. I guess it takes too much effort and the 2nd holes seem to get irritated and itchy right away.

And I was raised Lutheran and never heard that it was against our religion. Hmm???
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Mine aren't pierced and I am in my 70's. When I was a girl my mother told me only gypsies had their ears pierced. When I was in college all the girls in the dorm were holding ice cubes on their lobes until they were numb and then using a sewing needle, had another girl punch the lobe while holding a potato behind it. I opted not to go through that torture and never did get around having it done professionally. My only problem is that it is hard to find clip earrings.
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*** NO pierced ears.
*** Was allergic to Gold for a while and was afraid my ear lobes would fall off.
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I don't. If God would have wanted me to have pierced ears, he would have made the holes.
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My mother wouldn't let me get them pierced until I was 18. Guess where I headed with boyfriend on the morning of my 18th birthday. I like wearing pierced earrings better than clip-ons. Much bigger selection to choose from.
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I do not have pierced ears and find it harder and harder to get clip style earrings. Nor, I will add, have any other piercings or tattoos.
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Originally Posted by eastslopequilter View Post
I don't. If God would have wanted me to have pierced ears, he would have made the holes.
YOU ARE GOOD!!!!!!!!! I told that to my grandchildren. They think I am nuts!!!! Edie
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All my nieces have pierced ears. When they were younger, I got them earrings for their Christmases after they had their ears pierced that year. One of them was born in April (diamonds) but since she was just a baby at Christmas, they were little diamonds. Her parents were very careful with her ears when pierced. They cleaned her ears when they changed her diaper. With all the earrings, I had the jeweler make sure they were very secure backs.
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I've got 6 holes in each ear, I wear 14 karat gold balls starting with small ones and the top and ending with a large one at the bottom. I had them pierced in high school then added the rest in 1975. I wanted to be different, I still get a lot of compliments on them. I only take the two bottom ones out to sleep.
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I'm 71. Grew up with parents that said Catholics, loose women, gypsies, and women of the streets only had pierced ears. They said decent, God-fearing women didn't have holes in their ears! I aways loved diamonds and thought they would be so pretty to wear.
So, when I was 25 and long time away from them, my friend talked me into letting her pierce mine with the ice cubes, sewing needle and thread, dipped in alcohol. I thought I was going to pass out when she did the first one and I jumped. She laughed and went ahead and did the other one!! She told me to turn the thread daily with alcohol so they wouldn't get infected. They didn't.
So could only afford a gold pair of studs at that time. DH bought my first pair of diamonds! I was so happy but ended up losing those. He bought me another pair with backs that screwed on and I had them a long time. Never could wear the cheap, nickel ones because they made my ears swell up, get red and bleed.
DH bought me another larger pair of diamonds with screw backs and I kept them a long time, like years and years. Rarely took them off. Six months ago, I had an MRI before back surgery and lost one while I was redressing. No one found it or reported they found it. I haven't felt well enough to go shopping for a new pair but when I do, they are going to be LARGE diamond ones! Right now I am just wearing gold hoops with a diamond on the front curve. They're pretty but I like studs better.
What's funny is when my Mom was about 60, she decided to get hers pierced because she like the diamonds too. Go figure!!!
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