Do you have pierced ears?

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I was 40 when I got my ears pierced. When I was younger, I was afraid it would hurt, but then as I got older, there seemed to be no point to it. My friend and I met for the weekend of my 40th birthday, and I had just inherited a beautiful pair of antique diamond earrings and was having them appraised. We went to the mall after and she insisted she was making me get my ears pierced for my birthday gift because it would be a sin to own the antique earrings and not be able to wear them. The irony is I still don't wear those earrings because I'm afraid I'll lose them!
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Have had mine done for 46 years, added a second hole sometime along the way. Always have small stud earrings in, only thing I can wear at work. Have a screw back diamond in the second hole in the one ear. Do put 'dress-up' ones in when going somewhere.
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Mine have been pierced since 1967, done by high school classmate with ice, darning needle and a cork. It was a big fight with my mother to get it done as she believed pierced ears were the mark of a loose woman. But I have stuck to only one piercing and look positively conservative now. Everyone calls me ma'am!
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Originally Posted by grannie cheechee View Post
Got mine pierced in the late 60's when it was the rage at the time. Now don't wear them very often, unless I happen to remember. LOL People tell me that the holes will close up, but mine haven't.
Same with me. My roommate in college (1967) did mine. She used ice cubes to freeze the earlobes. Boy, was that painful! Our other roomie had to stop the procedure because of the painful freezing. I wear earrings maybe 3 times a year. I used to wear small hoops all the time, but haven't for 20 years.
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Mine are but idont wear earrings very often in them. People tell me they will close up never have and I go years without putting them in.
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Mine are pierced - twice in each ear. I used to wear a diamond stud in one hole and a small gold hoop in the other. I haven't worn earrings in so long, I don't remember when I did!! Actually, I'm not a jewelery person. I like the way it looks - so pretty and shiny - but I don't wear it - never have worn much. All I wear now is a watch and it comes off as soon as I get into the house in the afternoons. If I don't work, the watch doesn't go on.
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Originally Posted by willferg View Post
I have three in each year...not sure what that says about me, lol. I wear gold hoops in graduated sizes, sometimes swapping out the first set for special occasions. I sleep with them all and never give them a thought.
Me too! Glad I'm not the only one! I wear small diamond stud in the top holes, small birthstone in middle holes, these two pair stay in all the time, sleep and bathe with them. Dont often put any in the bottom holes, only when dressing up, going somewhere!
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Yes I have pierced ears. I only wear stud or small earrings.
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Let's see I was 16 when I had mine pierced years ago. Found out I have a nickle allergy, so I have to wear the silver or gold earrings that have no nickle or the earrings that state they have no nickle. But its all good for me .. I usually wear earrings all the time - the ball ones usually golden.
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When I was 16, I went with 2 friends who were getting their ears pierced. The 1st one got so nervous I had to call my father to come pick her up. The 2nd one (her sister) almost passed out while it was being done. My older sister had hers done and her lobe tore. My younger sister had hers done and got an infection. ears remain unpierced. I wear earrings every day, even if I'm not going anywhere. (I also kept a spare pair in my car and in my desk when I was working...just in case I forgot to put them on in the morning) One advantage to not having pierced ears is that every one of my friends who pierced their ears later in life gave me their clip-on earrings (and they all had great taste!).
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