Do you own a serger?

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I have a "vintage" serger, Babylok 3-407(I think), bought it new(82 I think), it probably has at least a million miles on it, it's been serviced twice during the years, have never had any problems with it, and although I don't use it much now, there's no way I'd get rid of it.
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Juki made Bernina sergers for about 25 years. They parted ways, about 1 1/2 years ago. So, you can buy what was a Bernina 800DL for $549 on Amazon. It's the Juki MO 114D. And it is a workhorse! I ran a business from home where we serged 4 layers of Jersey knit, and it didn't skip a beat. My old White couldn't do it. If you need a self-threading serger, the Juki MO 1000 is on Amazon for around $1000.

4 things to look for in a serger are differential feed, built-in rolled hem, adjustable presser foot tension and a tall thread mast. I know the tall thread mast may not seem like anything to think about, but it makes a big difference in how the thread feeds into the tensions.

Maxilock thread is the best for sergers! Some threads twist so much that they form loops that have to pop through the tensions. And you can imagine what that does to your stitch quality.

Of course, you could pay $3,500 for a Babylock serger that threads itself and runs 10 spools and does the wave stitch.
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Don't let a cat knock it off a table. It takes a lot of work to get it back in operation.
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I have several Babylocks, they are the best, but are expensive. However, since the air threading patents are available to other brands, I will probably buy a Janome next time....if there us a next time. Babylocks see to last forever.
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I bought a Bernina L450 last June. After 25 years with a Singer 3-thread serger ), I am thrilled with this one. Initially, I went into the dealer to look at the Babylocks intending to buy one with the air threading but once the clerk showed me a few different ones I changed my mind. The Bernina L450 is so easy to thread that the air threader wasn't worth double the amount it would cost to buy it. The best part is that it stitches like a dream!
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I recently took a sewing class by a very experienced seamstress who says the Brother 1043D is the best bet.. I used hers in class and it worked fine but honestly I didn't have to thread it. We used home decor fabrics and it was a breeze.. another poster already shows it's about $200 on amazon. Having said that - my husband bought me the Juki that has the air threader and digital settings. I've serged through multiple layers of pleather (is that a word?), minky, knits, home decor, etc.. It's definitely a bit more solid of a machine with lots of fancy bells & whistles that make me feel more confident (as a beginner) to operate it but I wouldn't say it's necessary - $1,000 price tag.

I think it really depends on what you're intending to use it for and how much use will it get? I think most folks buy a serger intending it to last for years, decades, etc.. So buy what you think you'll need to last.

Good luck finding what works best for you!
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I bought a 5 thread Singer serger last year. Not the easiest to thread but it has a ton of options and it even does cover stitch. Serged some headbands, scarves, and pajama pants. Works well. Link here:
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I would get a brother if budget is an issue. Juki are the most solid to me of the brands, they don't scoot and the stitch quality is better to me. People love the babylocks but I feel they are overpriced and didn't care for the stitch on the evolution I used. I did get the air thread juki but if I hadn't I would have got the higher end brother serger. I used it and it was nice but juki is more solid
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I have an older (15 yrs.?) lower end Bernina serger (Bernette). Used it when new, not much any more. But have had no issues with it. Except operator ones!
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April is national serger month. Not only will there be some new ones coming out, there will be lots of specials and I'm sure lots of trade ins. I purchased many trade in machines from dealers and have had good luck. They are normally recently serviced and a dealer warranty is on them. I have the Ovation from Babylock. Absolute love my machine.
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