"Elm Creek" books

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Default "Elm Creek" books

I'm sure some of you other quilters out there read these books so here's my question: Did I miss something? I just read Aloha Quilt and I'll admit that I had to force myself to finish it to see if it got any better. By the time I got to the end I thought that if I read the phrase E.C.Q. (you know what that means) again that I would be physically ill. Are they all like that? Perhaps it's just me but I don't like repetitive phrasing or the over-use of "hot" words. Like the over-use of the word "embedded" during the first Gulf war. I must say that the story line was okay and I loved reading about some of the history of Hawaiian quilts but......
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I found the one I read boring. I have a rule about books, if in the first 50 pages there is a detailed description of the physical appearance of someone, a receipe,a menu, some how to dress for success hint,or some couple makes love in detail, then I toss the book. If the author resorts to such obvious tactics in the first pages the book probably won't win any awards with the rest of the pages.
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It must not bother me as I didn't notice!! I have all the books! In fact I pre order them. There were a few that were just ok but on a whole I enjoy them!!
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I read some book a while back---don't remember the author---"Buried In Quilts" I think was the name of it and it was quite a good read. It was a murder mystery at a quilt show that I'd picked up for a quarter on a garage sale.
I guess I just found this EC book rather trite. I don't want or need to read about blood, guts, gore, or heaving loins but I do like a book with a little more umph and a little less repetition.
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I love this series - except for The Aloha Quilt. That one was just lacking something to me.

I'd say the second one or third one (the one about the first season at the quilt camp) is one of the best in the series, so if you want to get hooked, try that one. The first one is fine, but I remember at the time thinking it was a "nice little story" rather than realizing it was the start of what would become a truly excellent series. If you're not sure you want to continue, start with the one about the quilt camp, then go back and read the others as prequels.
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I just finished "The Wedding Quilt" and it starts out with wedding preparations for one of Sara's twins. No you didn't miss a book someplace between this and "Aloha Quilt". It reruns labor and birth, growing up plus reviewing some of the other books. It wasn't one of her best books, and I agree "Aloha Quilt" lacked something.
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I read the Christmas and New Year Quilts and must admit I did not get caught up in them either. I had purchased them all so passed them on to my SIL. Not necessarily bad, just slower than what I like :-).
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I loved them all up to the Christmas Quilt...it is a bit of a slow read. Now surprisingly, I enjoyed the Aloha Quilt. I received the Wedding Quilt for Christmas, but, still haven't had a chance to read it.
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I have read them all and some are better then others- but that is true with any author I didn't enjoy some of the back and forth in history ...
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Read Elm Creek books in order, so you get to know the characters, since they develop throughout the series. I loved the series.
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