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I have tried reading the EC books, and in order, but I've finally given up. They are just too slow and boring for me. Yes, entertaining and interesting at times, but in the end I had to decide how much more time I was willing to invest in EC books. I decided they weren't worth it to me.
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I was sucked in to the EC books ... also received newsletter from EC ... Jennifer got involved and was a bit petty because she was criticized. Recently got hooked on Anne Rivers Siddons ...much more intelligent but not quilting.
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Originally Posted by raptureready View Post
I'm sure some of you other quilters out there read these books so here's my question: Did I miss something? I just read Aloha Quilt and I'll admit that I had to force myself to finish it to see if it got any better. By the time I got to the end I thought that if I read the phrase E.C.Q. (you know what that means) again that I would be physically ill. Are they all like that? Perhaps it's just me but I don't like repetitive phrasing or the over-use of "hot" words. Like the over-use of the word "embedded" during the first Gulf war. I must say that the story line was okay and I loved reading about some of the history of Hawaiian quilts but......
I've enjoyed them all so far except The Aloha Quilt. Not great literature to be sure but nice reads. The earlier ones in the series were better than the later ones. I get the sense that the author is trying to crank the books out faster and faster and is not spending enough time on character development or on plot lines. I got The Wedding Quilt for Christmas and just ordered The Union Quilters and The Quilters Holiday. Hopefully they will be better than The Aloha Quilt or I won't order any more in the series.
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I have enjoyed all of the books - but the last one I did have to laugh at the perfection in everyone's life. I liked it better when they were more real life, but maybe it is because I don't aspire to such greatness.

Used to love the "Cat Who..." books too by Lilian Jackson Braun but they got rather mundane too. It just happens when the readers and publishers keep demanding more and more.
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I have read all except the Master Quilter (which I am getting ready to start) and the Wedding Quilt. I did like The Aloha Quilt. The one I couldn't get into was the Union Quilters.....boring......
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Originally Posted by Sandra in Minnesota View Post
I just finished "The Wedding Quilt" and it starts out with wedding preparations for one of Sara's twins. No you didn't miss a book someplace between this and "Aloha Quilt". It reruns labor and birth, growing up plus reviewing some of the other books. It wasn't one of her best books, and I agree "Aloha Quilt" lacked something.
I just returned "The Wedding Quilt" to our library and I couldn't finish reading it. I like many (not all) of the others but this one just jumped around so much I felt that I needed a chart to keep track of everyone. And, yes, there was a lot of repetition from earlier books.... well, as much as I could tell before I decided that I'd had enough and quit reading it!

Yesterday I bought some fabric for a border and it was only after it was cut and ready for the cashier did I notice that it's an Elm Creek fabric! LOL, couldn't get away from this author this week!
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These books are better read in sequence but reading more than a couple in a row can make your head numb. Therefore, the challenge lies in retaining the story line from one novel to the next while taking breaks in between readings. I would recommend getting them from the library because they don't stand up well to re-reading and will just gather dust on the bookshelf once you've read them. I know, because mine are.....
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I just received the Union Quilters and the Wedding Quilt and have not started them as yet. I am not into history so am hoping that I will enjoy the Union....but I must admit that I did like the Aloha Quilt........I guess they can't please ALL the people ALL the time !!!!!
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I loved the series. However after a period of time it seems at least one book is put out in almost every series that seems just a filler for contracts. I am willing to give an author one pass but no more. I read a lot of crafty mystery books and they are trite sometimes but I don't know about anyone else some days "trite" is good. :-) I agree with starting at the first and reading through .
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I've read them all except the last one out....they did get boring after awhile...especially "The New Years Quilt" which just did a overview on all that had gone before...I've quit buying them and don't feel I'm missing something. LOL
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