Is facebook fun???

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I was wondering about the facebook site? I was wondering if any of the quilting board members are signed up? What are you thoughts? Do you enjoy it? I would appreciate any help or information. Thank you for your feedback... :thumbup:

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I use Facebook and do like it. Depends on what you want to do.
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I am on FB alot and do enjoy it for keeping in contact with friends and family. Some posting are a little to personal for posting (but each to there own on that thought) It is said it is the future for all information out there ?
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i check up on my kids 30+ dont realy use it much --it causes soo much heart break in the young who are too trusting and can not see any consequences in what they upload
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I'm 25. FB originally came out when I was in college, just geared towards college kids. I actually use it rarely. It's nice to read what my friends are doing (when you log in, it gives you a list of what everyone's doing), but I don't love how it's changed since I was 18.

One thing I would suggest is be careful about what you put on there. People are like "FB is giving out my phone number! Invasion of privacy" and I want to say to them "ummm, just don't put your phone number on the site. Duh" things like that
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I have six little sisters and I like reading about was is going on in their lives.

Sometimes facebook has been used in a negative way. I have had one sister just rip up another using Facebook. It has caused some problems. But when used for good I like finding out what is going on in the lives of my loved ones
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I think fb can be very nice at keeping up and in touch, However just like some of the others has already posted you need to be careful.
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I cancelled my facebook page. Did not like my life being so public.
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Originally Posted by auntmag
I cancelled my facebook page. Did not like my life being so public.
Totally agree. Just a gossip site that you seem to only get part of the info. But I guess it is good for people far apart. Try as I might, could not find anyone from my past...maybe good, maybe not! LOL
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I personally do not care for face book, was signed up for a short time. Whats with all the games? none of it made sence to me some one out of the blue asked me if I wanted to save a puppy! I thought they wanted a donation to a animal shelter when I tryed to find out where to send my check the were very upset with me. Didn't sound like any game I wanted to play, miss treated starving animals? Next day tryed to get on to my page and FB has lost my pass word so I said forget it Id rether call anyway!LOL
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