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Default Geese

I need to get rid of a pair of geese. Now before you climb all over me let me explain. I have a pair of geese on my lake and they are pooping everywhere. Have you seen/stepped in goose poop? I don't want to hurt them, I just want the to live with some one else. Help please.
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Good luck.
They are protected wild life.
If you happen to dischare a gun in their area, oh well.
In high scool, get this, my ecology teacher just so happened
To discharge his gun in their general direction. Whooops,
He was stuffing it one day in class, and we were treated to
A nice goose lunch with beach berry sauce.
my mom almost got finded for feeding on in the yard about
25 yrs ago. Now they're invasive and maybe laws have changed.
the poor cat was petrified of the thing. They are yummy!!!!
good luck
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We had ducks that were coming to swim in our pool. You are right about the can so much come out of one little bird?!?! My husband had to get these balloons (I'm not sure what they are called, but they are inflatable, bright yellow with shiny silver ribbons that hangs from them.) He put one hanging from a tree by our pool and they went away shortly after that. These balloons are specifically made for scaring birds away apparently. Good luck!
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An outside dog will chase them off. A barrier at the water may be a deterrent. I know they can be annoying and the pound of poop they do a day EACH is pretty disgusting.
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Don't shoot guns and right now no dog. I'll check on the balloons. Thanks for all the advice.
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My husband would use firecrackers to scare them away. It took a couple of times but when they saw in come outside they would fly away and then after a few times they were gone.

Pat in MN
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You might want to check with your state's Fish and Game Dept. to see if they have any suggestions. Or maybe your county extension office. Seems like the fire cracker idea listed above worked.
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Do something pretty quick! I slipped in the poop,broke my ankle an was in a wheelchair for weeks! Maybe you could borrow someone's bird go,,your .local vet would know who?
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Swans will typically deter geese but that doesn't resolve the poop issue. I happened to notice just today that a farmers field nearby had a black metal dog sillouette (sp) in the middle of his corn field. And now that I think about it, I've seen similar 'yard art' in other large fields. Might be a cheap, easy fix for you.
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