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Both of my grandfathers were dead by the time I was born. Paternal GM was "Grandmother Lillian", and maternal GM was "Nana" (Nah-nah). My mother also wanted to be called "Nana" by our kids, and their other GM was called Nana too, but pronounced Naan-a.

I thought I wanted future GKids to call me "BonBon" (my name is Bonnie), but maybe Grandma is simpler. Hubby will probably be a "paw paw".
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Maternal was Nana and Poppy, Paternal was Grandma and Grandpa. We are MeMe and Pop Pop....
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Funny to see this post. Our grandson was born on March 10th. We are supposed to be deciding what we want to be called. I think for now it is Grammy and Poppa. I told my son and DIL I preferred not to be called Grandmother. Sounded too stiff and formal for my personality. My DIL's niece thinks I'm her grandma and she calls me DeeDee. My name is Debbie. It should be interesting to see what we actually get called months from now. I had grandmas and grandpas and great grandparents when I was little. I called them Grandma Frieda, Grandma Ruby, Grandpa Jerald, Grandpa Rich, Mamaw and the last one Papaw and Hester( he had been married before and this is what my mom's family called her). I'm sure our little one will come out with his own special name for us.
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raised by my maternal grandmother i just called her gramma ****, my maternal grandfather, whom i never met & i thought had passed in oilfield explosionbut he continued to live i found out later via family history started by great aunts. both he & my maternal stepgrandfather were wild cat oilmen. my paternal grandfather we called pampa ..he was prussian immigrant. my paternal grandmother we just called gramma ******** ..she was portuguese immigrant (daughter of a portuguese pirate/white slaver/illegal rum runner) only had one great grandparent, my portuguese grgrandmother ...we called her"little gramma" ..she was 4' somethin'. i am a true blue American of mixed stock and i am now called gramma ham by my grands, my husband is called grampa ****. my name chosen by oldest grand ..hubbys' name chosen by ex dil glad my oldest grand at the age of five, stomped her foot and said "i've called her gramma ham since i was very young and i wil always call her gramma ham!!"
...what a fun thread! thank you for starting it

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Originally Posted by BarbaraSTX View Post
what did you call your grandparents, and what do your grandchildren call you?
I had grandma, and a memere and pepere (french slang).
My grandkids call us grandma and grandpa.
I had my Grandma, grandpa died. My grand kids call me Grandma. Except my two inherited grandsons call me Grandma Jackie.
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Maternal grandma was Gramma, and paternals were Grandma & Grandpa.
Our grandkids call us Grammy & Papa.
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I only had one grandmother and we called her Mammaw for years, then we switched to Granny. DH had Granny and Paw Paw. Our children call his parents Nanny and Paw Paw, and my dad is Grandpa, (my mom passed away before I had children). Have no grand children yet but DH and I have talked about what we would like to be called and he likes Granddaddy and I Grandma or Mammaw...I'm sure it will just end up being what ever that first grand comes up with.
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I had two "Grandpas" one "Grandma". My husband is now "PoppO" and I am "DoBo" I am full-time caregiver to 2 girls and when asked what I wanted to be called prior to the first being born, it popped out "they can call me anything they want!" Guess I was waiting for/wanting grandchildren more than I realized.
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My son calls my Dutch parents Oma and Opa and his dad's parents Grandma and Grandpa. Growing up, I called all of my parents' older friends Oma or Opa with their first name (e.g., Opa Fred).
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Never knew my Dads parents. On my step-mothers side, it was Gram and Pa. And my other Grandmother was Grammy Foo.
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