Great tomato taste?

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Hi all you gardeners. Are any of you growing tomatoes that really taste good? I have several types growing and am getting very pretty ones, but they don't really taste like a tomato should, you know? What variety names are you growing that taste great?
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Hey,I can't believe you posted this.

Just this morning I picked a dozen Cherry toms and eeewww they were not sweet. Weren't bad, but not sweet.

We built raised beds this year and I made my own soil mix (organic) and the plants look great, some are 7' tall, but no other ripe toms as of yet. What gives? Guess I will ask the other Master Gardeners at our meeting Wednesday.

I have three Holy Land heirlooms, two Husky cherry, one other heirloom that was given to me, and two Mr. Stripey.
Except for the cherry ones, all the others are new to me so I cannot say how they taste yet.
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I have notice that my tomatoes the last couple of years don't have that good tomato taste. They're not bad. This year I bought some beefsteaks tomato plants from a little old woman out in the country. Now this year they taste more like tomatoes. In the past I bought the tomato plants from the local nursery or big chain store. Wonder what the difference is?
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'Same thing here is GA. They just don't taste the same anymore. I thought my taste buds were drying up or something. (Everything else is!)
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I had one tomato plant this year in one of those Topsy Turvy thingies. I think it was a Better Boy variety. The plant was beautiful and so were the tomatoes. But when you sliced into them they were still green on the inside. Taste - pfffffttt. I have been watering that plant at least twice a day everyday since April. Yesterday I called it quits. I cut it down and threw it in the trash. And it was still blooming! Same thing with the cucumber plant. I'll just buy my maters at the store from now on. It's a whole lot less work.
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Our tomatoes have gone crazy some plants are 7' this year hubby grows "German Johnson"and a couple Big Boys tomatoes and they taste oh so good.We have been eating lots of tomatoes breakfast,dinner,sandwiches as in drill cheese etc.

What i need is a good tomato juice recipe do any of you have one to offer?Thanks in advance
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Beefsteak tomatoes are the best. My husband bought and planted the tomatoes this year. He said he couldn't find Beefsteaks. The ones he bought aren't nearly as good.
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I planted Early Girl tomatoes a few years ago. The tomatoes came in earlier than the Better Boy and others I had. They were smaller, but oh, so sweet! Just delicious! I tried some Roma this year, and have only picked two ripe ones and they taste pretty good, but not as good as those Early Girls!
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I know I live on the other side of the planet, but I have found many of the seedlings sold via garden stores etc. are actually hybrids. For really great tasting, old-fashioned tomatoes, see if you can find someone who sells "heirloom" or old fashioned varieties. Usually we can get them here from a couple of "seed saver" companies. The great thing about using old fashioned non hybrid types is the seed. You can save the seed from the nicest ones and have more for next year. Often hybrids are sterile or seed from them is not true to type, hope this helps.
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I have an Early Girl that I'm trying to beat the rabbits to the tomatoes...also a cherry tomato. The cherries are terrific this year. The 3rd one is in the topsy tervy and some of them have rot on the bottom of the tomato...will toss that thing soon.
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