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Thread: Has anyone made a US Flag?

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    Junior Member Whitney60's Avatar
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    Has anyone made a US Flag?

    I looked on the internet for a US Flag pattern for fun. I found all sorts of patterns, but not the original 50 stars and strips. Also found they need to be a certain size etc. (maybe for one on a flag pole) I have lots of things on my bucket list, but just wondering if anyone has made one. Could be interesting. Thanks.. D

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    Moderator QuiltnNan's Avatar
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    are you looking to make a quilt that looks like the flag or to make a flag to hang on a pole
    Nancy in western NY
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    There is a protocol for flag construction. I cannot remember exactly where I saw it. I googled flag protocol and found a great deal of information. There is a certain size proportion, meaning if width is a certain size then the length would be in a direct proportion. It is a math thing. Also, the pole has to be a certain height compaired to the size of the flag. I have the fabric purchased and put aside to make a flag, have not found where I can buy extra time to set aside to make one. I want to donate it to our local fire and rescue for the help and service they provided when my son was in a car accident. He was sitting at a stop light and was rear ended by a drunk who was driving a semi-tractor trailer. He is physically ok now, just 2 rods and 4 screws in this neck. Emotionally, he still hurts because there are things he cannot do. His. body recovered, but he was financially devastated.

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    Super Member Edie's Avatar
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    You got my brain a'goin' here and that is dangerous for an almost 76 year old broad!!!!! I just had a deck put out in front and had to move my flag staff. I had a bracket put up next to the door. That's the background -- what I am wondering if I could buy some patriotic fabric like maybe white with blue stars and red with white stars for the stripes and blue background with white stars for the upper left corner. I mean they make shirts and bathing suits out of the red white and blue stars and stripes, why can't I make my own quilted flag. My flag is getting quite disheveled and for the 2nd time in 54 years I will be burning it on the patio out back, very respectfully in my own yard. But is there any law that says I can't make an American Flag myself????? Wouldn't it mean just as much to me or anyone else as Betsy Ross' design? Did Betsy Ross have the same idea I am conjuring up in my head (addled that it may be)? And, being patriotic as I am, would that not mean as much to me as the one my husband was presented with that hung over the US Capitol? I would never make one like my idea, if it were illegal or not in absolute respect for OUR flag, but it would have been made from the heart! Edie

    I think your idea is wonderful. Edie
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    My new Love of Quilting new magazine had an add in it. The "Old Glory" quilt pattern can be downloaded for free at http://www.fabri-quilt.com. It was a flag that finishes at 26X41.

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    I have one on my flagpole now that the wind has whipped the ends out of and we have a new one for replacement. Couldn't you just use an old one for a pattern and make a new one to suit yourself?? I haven't seen any flag poloice around here.

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    Missouri Star Quilt Company - Jenny Doan has a tutorial on making a flag from tumblers.
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    Senior Member wolf3349's Avatar
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    I actually found a Flag material printed out at wal mart(the correct size) and came home--sewed in the seams and added the grommets for it . Then I was asked by my son to do them up one--which I did.

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