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Thread: HELP! kids want me to make quilted/floating covers for smart phones and tablets /

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    Senior Member carolstickelmaier's Avatar
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    HELP! kids want me to make quilted/floating covers for smart phones and tablets /

    Summer is here and the kids have asked if I can make quilted covers for their smart phones and tablets. Evidently they have taken a "dip" in the pools last year and it seems to be quite an expensive "accident" Does anyone know if I can purchase fabric or small packets to sew in the covers.? So far either I am looking in the wrong areas or it is not available. A friend in Florida has a hat with a removable packet for flotation. So it sounds like it is available to commercial producers but what of us home sewers? Thanks for all who try and help and who knows, our board members are "smarter than the average" or what ever they say. Any way I know if there is a way one of you know. Thanks again. Carol

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    Super Member Stitchnripper's Avatar
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    I got some waterproof bags that look like zip top bags for the phones and they do work, (I put a tissue in one and submerged it in a bowl of water for a long time and it didn't leak) , I don't know how you would put them in a case without piercing them, unless the phones went into the baggie first and then into the case.

    I got mine at The Container Store.

    Good luck with your quest!!

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    just a thought... can you encase those large 'bubble' packing things... not the bubble wrap, but the sealed bags of air.
    Nancy in western NY
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    First let me say, I love quilted covers for iPads and phones. But if you're trying to sew something waterproof to protect the devises, my advise would be to purchase a product meant to do that. Tablets and phone are too expensive, in my opinion, to rake a chance that they will be protected by a quilted cover. Have them purchase a waterproof case, and make a quilted cover for that!

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    I don't know how you could guarantee a waterproof cover for electronics. The only way they can't put them in their pockets would be to make them too big and then they would just remove the case. They are going to have to learn to be responsible with their devices.

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    Everyone I've seen around water have their phones in a zip lock bag. A floating device for phones are made from foam and are quiet large. Mostly people on boats or around deep water use those. Honestly all it will take is one phone to get water damage from a cover you showed how to make and you will be blamed. I'd stick to decorative covers.
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    There was a segment on ABC News a few nights ago about cases. They tested two types. One was the $90 box case and the other was a simple $10 gel case. They dunked them in water for a few minutes, dropped them from different heights and several other tests. The gel case did as good as the $90 one except for when they ran over it with a car. You might check online to see if the video segment is available.

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    Being responsible and keeping the electronics away from water is the best way to protect them. Once someone has to pay several hundred dollars to replace a device they may learn a lesson. REI, and stores that sell canoes, boats, etc., sell "dry bags". They work, I have used them but not for electronic devices, just a watch.

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    Super Member ArchaicArcane's Avatar
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    I use one of these on my tablet and another one on my phone when I use the hot tub:

    MEC in Canada sells them, perhaps REI or someone in the US carries them too.

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    Super Member citruscountyquilter's Avatar
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    You could make something quilted to float by putting something in it to make it buoyant like foam or air bubble but it wouldn't be waterproof. If they are concerned about their phone or tablet sinking to the bottom of the lake then this might do the trick but the phone or tablet wouldn't work after that because it had gotten wet. You can't make a waterproof quilted container. Electronic devices are very sensitive to water or liquids. I spilled no more than 3 drops of water on my keyboard of my laptop from my wet hands as I walked by and now the shift key doesn't work for 2 letters. Thank goodness the caps lock key still works so I can capitalize.

    My cousin was showing her new iPhone to one of her adult kids. They were sitting at the table having lunch and as she passed it over to them it slipped out of her hand and fell in a glass of milk. Good bye new iPhone!

    Tell your kids to be careful with their phones or tablets and for THEM to be prepared to buy a new one if they are careless.

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    Super Member Quiltbeagle's Avatar
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    I don't think you can make a quilted cover waterproof. My daughter has a LifeProof case for her iphone and it's waterproof up to 6 ft. It stays on the phone all the time. Not cheap, but cheaper than replacing an iPhone.

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    I know it won't let the phones float but if you vacuum sealed them you might still be able to use them through the plastic and they can aach a float. Just an idea since I don't own one.

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