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Default Hoarder with a FW

I live in a rural county and there was a recent article in the newspaper about a local woman who has become such a hoarder that the town she lives in is seeking to condemn her house--so stuffed with things that the inspector was hitting his head on the ceiling trying to walk through! Can't use the kitchen or the bathroom cause can't find the appliances or facilities!

What struck me was that she doesn't see herself as a hoarder at all--a former art teacher that describes this mess (she's living in her car mostly cause the house is to stuffed and filthy) as her collection of art supplies

But then I saw one of the pictures of a room with papers and trash and "stuff" stacked almost half way up the wall--and in the corner was a Featherweight case peeking into the picture! Some one needs to rescue that!
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what a shame
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If only there was a quick fix for the brain in these situations. This is a psycological problem and the poor lady needs that help not kicking her out of her home and throwing everything away because people think that is the answer.
if no one resumes the FW it will be skipped.
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I have experience with that type of "hoarder". It was an Aunt by marriage. Poor lady lived in her car as that was the only place to sit down. The bathtub was filled with National Geographics. Her two daughters came and hauled bag after bag out of the house. They compromised on putting them in a shed, not throwing them out, in case she needed something. I guess she hauled half of it back in the house. She was the most talented seamstress I had ever seen, and one of the best gardeners too.
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Omg....I just can't phantom how this happens. I watched a few of the episodes on tv and just could not understand how......doesn't the brain connect with the eyes to actually see the situation. What I could not understand when watching on tv.....the person looked clean...how if the entire abode was a pile of "stuff", could persson survive, eat, bathe, use "facility"?
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I have a friend who is a hoarder and this is a mental illness, they place value on each thing they bring into their home because they can't feel love from people like they can with objects.
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'Rescue' is the first step toward hoarding. we see it here quite often
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Sadly, many hoarders have neglected the housing to the point it must be condemned. I do have to say, as much as I feel for them, when I see the shows in commercials, I go clean something.
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I once knew a lady like this and she had a teaching degree.....was very smart and stylish, but she hoarded.....Her house was so full that it was soon going to be impossible to move in. I am not sure what ever happened to her. I moved away and never kept in touch. She was a lovely person.....just a very strange hoarder........I was invited to her house once and was shocked! I had no idea what I was walking into. Piles and piles of STUFF! She had plans for all of it......ahem.....oh well, to each his own I guess. I thought it was rather sad.........
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In some ways I can understand the mind set what a hoarder goes through. I caught myself becoming a hoarder & one day a light bulb went off. I finally ask myself what the heck was I doing & it was my choice to hang onto things or let go. I finally started boxing up & donating lots of stuff. In my case, it was a mind set I put myself in & I realized what I was doing before it got as bad as most. Except for fabric that is. I'm still a fabric hoarder. LOL
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