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Default I Appreciate this Forum

Just want to say that I appreciate this forum as a safe place to just talk about quilts! I'm sure it's a combination of the mods keeping track of stuff and the members just wanting to talk about quilts and not bring in all the other stuff you find on so many quilting platforms like Reddit and FB. I just quit a FB quilting group after a long screed from a new mod who wrote what he would and would not tolerate on his page. I won't go into details. I'm just glad to have a place where I can post pictures and not have 100+ people attacking me because they think they see a swastika in one of the blocks if they stand on their heads and squint with their finger up their nose. I'm glad I can look at pictures of other's work and not have to see intimate body parts displayed and thousands giving "thumb's up." Yes, I'm old, but our world could use a lot more old fashioned decency and decorum.
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we love and appreciate you, too.
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Originally Posted by PurplePansies View Post
Yes, I'm old, but our world could use a lot more old fashioned decency and decorum.
I'm old, too. And I totally agree with you.
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I've never had Facebook, and when I hear things like above, I'm glad I don't! This forum is my only "social media" and I am grateful for it too. I've met so many wonderful people here, hopefully one day I'll be able to meet some in person.
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Plus you can block people willy-nilly. 🤣
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We appreciate you too, as well as all the members! I donít do FB, and I agree, what ever happened to manners, courtesy and kindness? We have become all about me, when we should be concerned about we.
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Purple Pansies -- you are so right! I consider all of you my quilting mothers considering how much you have helped me on my quilting journey! Happy Mothers Day to my quilting mamas!
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Originally Posted by Peckish View Post
Plus you can block people willy-nilly. 🤣
Yes, thankfully.🙄
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Me too, with it all!! forums are necessary to having a good day every day.
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I haven't been on Quilting Board that long, compared to some, but I do appreciate it. I have been so blessed to 'meet' the most helpful, generous people when you need something. I love looking at all the many quilts others make. It inspires me and sometimes makes me think, well why didn't I think of that. I like when someone wants to identify a pattern, someone here knows about it and is willing to help locate. I am so grateful for the help I have received from others here. These are a good group of quilt members that I am proud to be a little part of. Thank you Quilting Board.
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