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Mine died. What cell company do you use and do you like them? Why or why not. Have you ever had to contact support? How did that go??
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We have sprint and I've had my phone for atleast 5 years.
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I switched over from Sprint due to their customer service being really bad. I went to Verizon because most of my family uses them & if you call another Verizon number, it doesn't count on your minutes plan.
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Verizon is who I have and I would put their customer service up against any other for the worst in the world. I bet they would win.
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We use Tmobile and their customer service is awesome!!! When we lost my nephew last Feb my minutes got burned up so fast while staying at the hospital with him....I called them to ask about the charges for additional minutes they gave me 200 more for free and said when they got low to call them back and they would add more....that during a time like this worry about minutes should be the last thing on my mind.... How often do you get THAT kind of free service???? They also did it again when my son's job required that he use his phone a lot during the KY derby and again....free minutes were added on!!!! As long as you contact them before you completely run out.... and it is easy to check and see what your usage is right from the phone, too.

They are quick to help with any problem and I have only had a few times that I have needed their help....we have been with them for almost 8 years and because of being a loyal customer they offered us an unlimited minutes plan for only $20 more than what we were already paying!!! I highly recommend them!!!!
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I looked into that service too, but here in Podunk Pa T-mobil does not work. I wish I could get a good company like that. :cry:

We can get AT&T Sprint, Verizon and that is about it.
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AT&T is the worst :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown: :thumbdown:
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Cingular or whatever it is now. I can't keep up with who is buying out who. No problem with our service on home phone or cell phones. We have Iphone, Blackjack, and Nokia cell phones. The Nokia keeps the longest charge of them all. I love the safety factor of cell phones! No person should not have one. Fall at home? reach in pocket pull out cell phone.
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We have Iphones and use AT&T. It's terrific here in CA.
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I have Verizon. We have them for our cells, our home phone, our DSL, hmmmm they have all our $$$. They do very well for us, thank you very much. We went with them in the beginning cause they were the only cell phone company that would let us have 5 phones (then 6) on one family plan. The others would not go above 4
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