I need help with Facebook!

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Default I need help with Facebook!

I do not use it enough to understand it (or am just too old to intuit it). I have a regular account. I can log in and read at least some of the things friends have posted. I can search for friends' posts, and sometimes can read what is on there.

I also belong to two "private" Facebook groups, and here is where I mostly get into trouble. Yesterday I decided to get rid of a bunch of stuff by "gifting" it on a local group site. I got into the site by clicking on an existing post and adding a comment. Then I was able to list several things to gift (as I am already a member). BUT the last two items got posted on my regular page, instead of the local group one. And I can't seem to find the mistakes on my own page to delete them.

When I get on my "main" page all messages from all three groups are intermingled. I think my first basic problem is that I do not know how to get on one group page and STAY there. How do I invoke it in the first place?

Keep in mind, should you choose to try to help, that I am working on a laptop, not a phone. And I may be beyond help.
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FB just recently changed their format and it is a bit of a challenge. To change a post that you have made there are 3 dots ... along side the right hand side of the message you want to edit or delete. The dots are very faint. That is what I would try to start with. When it comes to staying in a specific group you want to enter it with the group titles on the left hand side of your screen where you might normally enter it our by using the group icon in the middle of the screen. This one can be tricky as it will let you into all the group conversations if you do not enter the appropriate group.
Now I hope this makes a bit of sense. I am not real good at explaining things I just hope this helps a bit.
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That's just the problem, tho -- if I just log in to Facebook I get the "What's on your mind, Lee? and then a string of posts, some to me, some that are to others in groups I belong to... I have not found my own posts that I want to delete. I did see one of them yesterday, but there were no dots. I do not see a list of groups I belong to, nor what I think is my actual own Facebook page. I begin to think I am not logging in to where I think I am...I feel like such an idiot. Everyone else who has tried to help me so far uses their phone, and apparently it looks different than on a PC.
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I find a lot of solutions under the Help section in Facebook. Or easiest yet search Google for : How do I ______ in Facebook
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are you on an Apple product? (like an iPad, or Mac?) or on a PC (laptop) that uses Microsoft? If Microsoft, you should pull up not only the list of people who you are friends that are posting, but the latest posts from the last one you clicked on previously. If you want to make a post on the groups you belong to, go to the search bar in the top left and drag down the menu or type in the page name. Once on the group page, if the page is set up to actually allow all members to post, then it will ask "what's on your mind" and a create post button. If the page is set up so that only administrators can post (which some are) then you will only be able to response to posts.
I know nothing about an Apple product other than I know it shows differently.
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