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I need more brian power than I have - sewing question >

I need more brian power than I have - sewing question

I need more brian power than I have - sewing question

Old 07-15-2013, 06:03 PM
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Default I need more brian power than I have - sewing question

When I'm not quilting I do custom upholstery type sewing. I get some odd requests but I can usually get things sorted out. I'm a bit stumped on this one.

I have been asked to make a fitted cover for an 8 foot farm type table. It has to be heat resistant, moisture proof, easily cleaned, and it can't have any type of fuzz on the backing. My very first thought was Oilcloth. It meets all the requirements except it has a poly/cotton or cotton mesh backing. I looked at laminated cotton from quilt fabric designers, it looks wonderful but it also has a cotton backing.

The reason it can't have a fuzzy or linty back is because the table has a hand rubbed wax finish and any fibers will stick to the finish after time. My 2 ideas are: Using regular Phifertex as a lining or base cover for the table then the fancy cover on top. My only hesitation with this is I am afraid after time, the Phifertex will leave an impression in the finish of the table, or react with the finish itself and cause a major problem. My other thought was using a white, perforated mylar, since it is very smooth. My hesitation with this is it will be too slick. I thought of a plain vinyl but I worry about air flow and it eventually sticking to the table.

The cover is going to be kept on 24/7. Any ideas will be given consideration.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 07-15-2013, 06:13 PM
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Boy that's a hard one. I might be tempted to price out 1/4 inch plexiglass that could be cut the same shape as the tabletop? I have small white tiles with white grout on one section of my kitchen counter. I had a sheet of plexiglass(plastic) cut to cover it. Why you ask? I wanted a solid surface for rolling out pie dough and wanted an easy to sanitize surface for food preparation. This might be what they need or the table. It would protect it, be easy to clean and still let the beauty of the table show.
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I know from experience that vinyl will ruin varnish or anything pertaining to wood and a finish. You are right about the air flow. Vinyl doesn't breath at all and reacts badly to wood. Maybe the curtain stuff[black-out] plastic might work if they would take it off once a week and check it for trouble and then a really pretty fabric on top. [Probably not tho'].

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That is a really tought one, I have not one clue!
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Old 07-15-2013, 07:46 PM
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What about covering the wood with a table pad and putting the cover on over that?

My concern is this. They want a moisture-proof cover. Granted that a moisture-proof cover prevents liquids from touching the wood. The problem is they also trap moisture. Unless the room is very dry, I would be concerned about condensation underneath the moisture-proof covering, which would trap moisture inside the cover. And, as we all know, moisture damages wood.

I think any type of moisture-proof covering would need to be removed regularly (at least weekly), allowing any trapped moisture to escape.
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I don't know if this would work or not , but I was in WalMart today and noticed they had several bolts of the 1.50 fabric that has an interesting nontexture. I assumed it is some type of waterproof polyester. It is lightweight with a slick feel and very tightly woven. I have some to make a garment bag out of. I don't think it would stick to the table but even if it does ,I don't think it would cause any damage as it has no nap.
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Could use one of those cotton quilted mattress protectors, then the oilcloth type stuff over the top, but I'm with the others....the table would need to be uncovered and "aired" pretty regularly. Most "farm" tables of my acquaintance, never had anything so bulletproof over the top....just got a good dose of beeswax polish and elbow grease once a week.
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How about a sheet of the non-skid material you put under rugs - placed under the oil cloth? I've had one under a oriental rug on the floor in my hallway that has hardwood floors that for many yrs. were not sealed with polyurethane. Originally they had justa stain/wax coating.
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Our dining table has glass over the top. It has to be removed every so often to clean under the glass and the table top. I use it to sandwich my quilts on.
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Hi. What about using the quilted ironing board cover material you can get through Nancy's Notions? You could sew a pretty covering over that. It would be heat resistant for sure and somewhat moisture resistant and the backing isn't fuzzy. Good luck.
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