If you had 3 wishes??

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What would they be?

mine would be..
1. That my son and DIL could have a healthy baby, they have lost 6 babies, neo natal deaths when dil reaches around 5/6 months.
2. That my 2 daughters would sort out their love lives, and stop worrying me!!
3. Something really nice to happen to hub and me, after worrying about the kids!!
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1. All grandchildren currently in the womb (that # is 4) be born healthy, happy we can take care of.
2. DH and I sort out the rest of our lives plan (took early retirements/packages from employers), now what?
3. Children and spouses/significant others are able to find what makes them truly "happy" in life (some of them still seem to be unsure of what that is)
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1. Hubby and I have a long happy marriage.
2.Son and fiancee have a long happy marriage.
3. Daughter (getting out of the navy)decides to do something productive and has a long happy life.
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1. That my whole family stays healthy.
2. That my children grow up to be productive members of society and are happy with their choices.
3. That my husband and I grow to old age together and enjoy his retirement...if he ever retires :)
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1. That I would somehow come into enough money so I wouldn't have to keep job hunting and worrying about how I'll pay rent after next month. Okay, I'd really wish for hundreds of millions of dollars so I could have whatever I want, could help out others, and use it to make a real difference in the world.
2. For my health problems to be gone and my body to be healthy, fit and normal weight.
3. An end to Muslim extremism regarding keeping their women covered and hidden and not allowing them to live as equals to men.

I thought about wishing for an end to Alzheimer's Disease or some other dread disease instead of #3, but my first wish could fund research to solve that.

It's nice to see that many of you wish that things will just go well with you and your loved ones. It shows that you are besically vey happy with your lives as they are now.
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1. That my fellowman acknowledges Our Lord

2. Maybe someday I'll get to be with my children and grandbabies - who are grown-up already

3. All sickness both mental and physical are purged from Earth and peace will prevail
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1. Enough money so I don't have to worry about money and can do a few fun things.

2. Happy, successful children.

3. A zero calorie chocolate with no bad side effects that tastes just like Hershey's Kisses. :D
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1. I wish we would win enough money that we could pay for my daughter's farm for her and enough for our retirement.

2. I wish that my whole family would stay healthy.

3. I wish that everyone would be kinder to each other.
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1 People learning to live and care for as one an other.

2.For my DD to take responsibility for her and my DGS life.

3. Enough money to retire and live comfortably.
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1.That all people would strive to accept and live with each other harmoniously and peacefully...celebrating the things we have in common and respecting the differences.
2.That my family all stay healthy and comfortable with their lives.
3.That my husband and myself live a good, comfortable,healthy long life to be able to enjoy our children and their families.
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